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PAWS Cat Rescue 

0414 876235


ABN 83 868 872 203

We are a small Cat Rescue.

At times we need more Carers, mostly during Kitten Season-to help us help more cats and kittens in need of rescuing and re homing. Carers are the backbone of Rescue, and without them we cannot help as many as we would like. Being a small Rescue we don't have everyone active all of the time. We value our Carers as much as we value our kitty's. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that our Carers are not burnt out; fostering can be very rewarding, but very draining. We appreciate you and your contributions, and understand that family comes first. So as not to over burden anyone, we like to have a collection of active and non-active Carers.

What does Fostering Entail?
Whilst in your home, we request typical care and love be shown to your Foster. They will not only need the shelter and food you can provide, but also the mental stimulation, and gentle love required to give them the feeling of security they deserve, and the encouragement to let their individual personalities shine through. And of course it also helps them become well-rounded, confident family members, hopefully leading to a reduction in future dumping, due to unruly and unsocialised pets.
If you have a warm, safe environment, and can offer shelter and nurturing to a homeless kitty while we help them find their new home, please phone or email us :-)

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