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Late 2016 we met this lovely lass in terrible condition & circumstances. Close to Christmas and heavily pregnant, Hope was physically abused & tortured, and lost all her babies. She was so distraught that the Vet advised she raise some orphans who had come into Rescue 2 days earlier. She took to them immediately and did so with overwhelming tenderness. However, Hope struggled once they left, as she then had to work on overcoming her fears. Thankfully the sad times Hope had been through did not put her off humans totally, and made her a very brave lass indeed. In the weeks that followed, she allowed her Carer to encourage her inner light to shine, and pretty soon Hope was becoming a confident, happy Cat again. She was finally ready to look for a new home of her own. After helping to select her Family, Hope now lives a very full life with another Cat whom she has grown quite fond of. Today we still get updates from her new Mum, and Hope has become a regular on the house sitting schedule with the Rescue, when Holidays come around.

Gingie!!!!! We just couldn't stop taking photos when we visited Gingie in her new home to finalise her trial. Besides still loathing the camera, she couldn't hide that gratitude in her actions. Gingie became known as ‘Whingie Gingie’ during her stay with us, she was very disgruntled at having to be contained, even though she had access day and night to the great outdoors, and complained endlessly for months. As she was used to having the freedom to roam the neighbourhood previously, she was very put out with her new living arrangements. Gingie became a larger than life character, and proceeded to try and rule the roost where she was the last addition to a tightly knit Clowder. What doesn’t usually take too long for most Cats to work out, Gingie took 8 months to sort through. She was not willing to bow down and give in to the residents. She was going to make damn sure she was heard by each and every one of them, especially the females. Luckily for Gingie they were a docile bunch who thought it rather amusing, and fights never broke out. But the only female Gingie had to really worry about was her Carer. To get around her stubbornness each time it escalated, Gingie's Carer had her stay a week or 2, here and there with some ex street ferals in there enclosure. She quickly learnt that it was the most boring place to be, as these guys just weren’t going to give her what she needed to rule their digs- EYE CONTACT! She eventually broke during one of those ‘timeout’ stints in 'Feral Boot Camp' and things started to look up for Gingie. Her advertising became more family friendly, and she even started getting a few meets. Then finally one day a family took her home……..and in record time naughty Gingie took that poor family to hell and back. She was sure they were her ticket to freedom, and quickly sort out all the ways she could escape. In under 24 hours Gingie was back in Rescue. Peeing all the way through the house, and back to 'Feral Boot Camp' in retaliation. Gingie only needed 1 night with those poor boring ferals to get the message. She gave in and ceased her naughtiness to become one of the house favourites with her Foster family. In the months that followed Gingie caught the eye of a lovely single lady who appreciated her personality. Gingie was rewarded with the home she had been waiting for……one where she is the ONLY Cat. She is soo happy now that escape is not on her mind constantly, and she even plays the day away, which she never did before!

Sometimes a Cat will come into Rescue, and stay so long that they almost take up residence here. We are left wondering if they will ever get a home of their own. This lad is currently one of those Cats. Rekkie has been with us for almost 2 years now, and we are pretty sure he believes he is home. He has carved out a nice little relationship with his Carer, in the time he has been with her. Of the many facets a Ginger will show us-loyalty is their constant- as windows to their soul the eyes don't lie. The gratitude this boy has for his Carer is there in every photo-in those eyes. As guardians of these lovely creatures we know the warmth their gratitude delivers. Adopting delivers that same warmth. And after all this time, it’s looking like Rekkie has Adopted his Carer.

                       Stay tuned for the ‘Rekmans’ journey ahead……………………………………………………………..to be continued.

As if by magic, Rekkie is on trial!! Woohoo!!! 2 days short of 2 years in Rescue, and this boy may have finally found his new family and doggie pal......good luck Rekman, you deserve it buddy xx

Hi, I'm Tuppence, and this is my story
I was found late 2017 living under someone's house. It was a bit sandy, windy & cold under there, I forget how long I'd been living there, & food was a bit hard to find, sometimes I ate grass just to feel a full belly again. Then one day a nice lady who lived there discovered me & took me inside. She fed me & it was warm in there. She tried to find my home, but I did not have a Microchip, so she posted me on Facebook so my Family would see I had been found & was safe. But nobody came. The lady wanted to keep me then, but unfortunately there was already a Kitty living there, & me being there made it upset, so it started to wee everywhere, poor Kitty....the Lady then asked around if anyone wanted me, but nobody did, perhaps because I'm broken? You see I have a bung leg, it makes me look really quite funny at times & my walk is a hoot, but it doesn't bother me & I feel no pain now, not like when I hurt it....I really hope it doesn't bother others, because a nice Vet man said it is still a good leg, & best of all he let me keep it!!
Anyway the lady asked around & some nice, caring people suggested she find a Rescue.....so tadahhh, finally my luck was improving🤩 off to Rescue I went, no more scrounging ever!! Pretty good deal I thought, "BUT NOW WHAT??" Don't get me wrong- they were nice and all, but where does a broken, washed up gal like me go now I wondered? Do Kitty's like me get a new home when we are like this, or do we stay here, in rescue? I mean, I didn't mind too much- they fed me, so I was never hungry anymore, & it was a better life, they are lovely, caring people......but was it my home? and were these people my Family now I thought?
I didn't mind either way, but would of liked a home with older Children, or perhaps a Mature couple- you know, people that might like me for me, & show me more to life than what I'd seen.
Perhaps even talk to me & read to me, that would be nice - I love to listen to people talk. It's a lot less lonely when they are nearby. The people here weren't too sure how I was with Dogs, but they were willling to let me see how I go with one. So they advertised me and prepared to consider all options. A dog that wouldn't get all up in my grill & slobber all over me-yick! That kind I thought may be alright. They couldn't consider a home with other Cats though, as I'm a little uncomfortable with other Cats. They say that is understandable given my previous life on the streets, us girls can do it rough out there you know!
Anyway, I am Sterilised now, and Vaccinated & Microchipped too (yes that hurt a bit but it does seem worth it as I am now quite happy). I trusted they knew what they were doing, so we waited to see who would come along..........................................I was beginning to think I was too broken.............I waited 6 and a half months.........and - it was the best wait - in my life EVER!!!..........I got THE best home, with THE best couple. A girl could NOT of wished for a better home, I got the best of the best!!!........And to top it off, I get to give back the kindness that humans bestowed upon me last year.....I get to help this lovely couple, who by the way adore me as much as I adore them. They lost their furbabies not long before I needed them, and well you get the picture....I'm finally happy, they are happy...win! win! all round!.......Rescue Rules!!!

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